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"Breaking Bread"  October 20, 2017

The urban dictionary has this definition: "To engage in a comfortable, friendly interaction. Originally, the term was literal, meaning that a loaf of bread would be broken to share and eat, a casual meal among associates".  The urban dictionary goes on to say that the term has evolved to mean more than food. It could imply sharing money, commodities, personal items of value, etc. 

I can appreciate this creative spin on a term that once held esteem as a biblical phrase that one can find throughout the bible. No matter how you spin the definition or it's origin, it is rooted in fellowshipping with another human being. I love how the urban dictionary breaks it down like this: " To break bread is to affirm trust, confidence, and comfort with an individual or group of people". How are we doing this today? Who are you breaking bread with? In my coaching practice I am breaking bread, in a way, with my clients. I have to form a trust with my clients and they have to be confident in their relationship with me as their coach. It is important that they feel comfortable in our relationship. We are going into dark rooms and turning on the lights together. We are sharing in the experience together. We are breaking bread together. Again, who are you breaking bread with? Is it your children with your time? Is it with a co-worker who needs your support or a team of co-workers who need to work together? Look for opportunities to break bread with someone in your work community, home life, or that stranger you just met. Let's share life with one another by breaking bread, together!