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Bodyfitness is proud to feature each month an inspirational story of one's personal journey...

"The first step towards change is awareness"~ Nathaniel Branden

Sometimes the hardest part of making changes is becoming motivated.

Standing 6'0 tall and always having curves, I had gotten too comfortable with the extra weight I carried. I've always been active outdoors, and occasional classes at the gym wasn't making the changes I wanted. Now I'm on a journey to a healthy and fit life style putting myself first, finally taking my body to the next level and pushing pass the limits of what I am capable of.

The scale topped at 230, my back hurt, my knees hurt and my diet was out of control. It's was time to make a change!  

Determined to shape up once and for all, I started doing strength-training routines, cardio, hiking, kayaking, and hot yoga.  I changed the way I ate by taking out all  processed foods, sugar, and white carbs out of my diet.  

Change is never easy and old habits are hard to die; but I was committed.  I'm not going to lie, it was HARD in the beginning.  The sugar addiction was like a drug;  I was an addict.  

Learning how to fuel my body with healthy whole foods was the most important factor in my journey.  The key to success is being prepared.  Knowing my daily meals were already planned, there's no room for failure.  

I surrounded myself with positive healthy people for support,  planned weekly hiking excursions and continued to educate myself on living a healthy lifestyle.   Having Mechelle Jungsten as my friend and supporting me with her knowledge of healthy living was a blessing.  I'm grateful for her continued support, ongoing friendship and the passion she has for life.  

After dropping 12% body fat and 55 pounds, I am loving myself unconditionally.   I love how strong I've become, the way my clothes fit and being able to support and inspire others that they too can have the body they desire.  

The magic only happens when we step out of our comfort zone.

~LaShon S., Granite Bay, Ca