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Customer Testimonials

"Mechelle Jungsten has worked with me at 24 hour fitness. Her personality and understanding of my needs has made me feel very comfortable without  a lot of pressure. I feel that her talents as a trainer would benefit all that would come in contact with her."

- Nancy H., Sacramento, CA


"Mechelle,  I was so blessed to have worked with you on identifying weak areas in my life. Your support means so much."

- Kim S. Sacramento, CA


"I  was a client of Mechelle's and trained with her for about one month.  I was so impressed with her knowledge, input and level of dedication.  She taught me some amazing new workouts and routines and really kept me motivated throughout.  I had been working out diligently for about one year and had only lost 2-3 pounds.  I was feeling confused and frustrated and so I turned to Mechelle for help.  In a matter of five months, I lost 14 pounds.  Mechelle helped me not only with the fitness aspect of my weight loss, but also with my diet and fine tuning my lifestyle.  I am still so committed to my fitness goals.  Now that I've lost the weight I'm working on sculpting and defining my body.  I'm doing workouts I never thought I would be able to do at 40,  and am still constantly challenging myself.  I've really embraced what she's taught me both physically and mentally.  I have my competitive spirit back and now run races and am looking to complete my first half marathon.  I highly, highly recommend Mechelle.  She will change not only your body, but your mind and spirit as well.  It's an invaluable experience." 

                                                                                                             -Heidi D., Scottsdale, AZ

The first thing Mechelle did was put me through a physical evaluation.  We sat down and discussed my fitness goals, timeline and budget. We put together a plan for  a diet and exercise program. During the six months we worked together, I achieved my target weight and muscle mass. I got stronger and more flexible; I improved my aerobic conditioning as well.  The thing that sets Mechelle a part from other fitness coaches is that she understands  the importance of working with the mind as well as the body. She helped me work through a number of limiting beliefs and attitudes regarding my body, eating habits, and my physical capabilities. This was critical to my positive results. 

- Andrew S., Carmichael, CA

"A happy and satisfied customer"